F10SC Vet Disinfectant Fogging

Many people ask us about fogging with F10SC Veterinary Disinfectant. If you have a safe and effective disinfectant, like F10SC, then fogging is an excellent and cost-effective way to disinfect airspaces and hard surfaces. The small droplet sizes mean that the fog can make its way into small nooks and crannies that might be difficult to access normally, which makes it a great addition to your usual cleaning and disinfection routine. It’s also a great way to combat disease outbreaks, especially when these might be of an airborne nature, and can distinctly reduce transmission of pathogens.

Fogging can be done either using an electric ULV fogging machine, or with a single use F10 Aerosol Fogger (think bug bomb). Of the two of these, the benefits of using a fogging machine would be the ability to fog multiple areas at far lower F10SC disinfectant cost than a single use “F10 bomb”. However, you’d need to buy a suitable fogging machine first, and these can set you back anything from cheap $150 units on eBay, to well over $1000 for a better-known brands.

Fogging machines are pretty loud, and unless you buy a cordless one (think even more expense), you’ll have to have somebody moving around with the machine plugged into a power source. But we still think the benefits outweigh these factors, particularly if you are wanting to add fogging to your regular cleaning and disinfection routines, or if you have large internal areas to cover on a regular basis.

The primary benefit of the F10 Aerosol Fogger single use bomb is convenience. The ability to place the tin in a room (up to 35sqm) and simply let it off, really does save time and makes it exceptionally easy. The downside of course is cost, with these tins being far more expensive than using F10SC Veterinary Disinfectant diluted in a fogging machine. However, despite the added cost, these remain an exceptionally popular choice and are widely used in a number of industries. Note than when fogging with the F10 Aerosol Fogger, no humans or animals can be in the room due to the propellant in the tin. The recommended wait time is a minimum of 10 minutes, although this can be longer depending on how the room airs after fogging.

The following video may be of interest to anyone wanting to start fogging in their facility.

Air space disinfection fogging with F10 in Veterinary Practice | F10 Products - YouTube

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