Frequently Asked Questions

For 1:500 dilution use 2ml of F10SC in a litre of water
​For 1:250 dilution use 4ml of F10SC in a litre of water
For 1:125 dilution use 8ml of F10SC in a litre of water
​For 1:100 dilution use 10ml of F10SC in a litre of water

As we only sell F10 products to businesses and not the general public, only approved and registered business customers are able to purchase F10 products from us online. You can create an account by clicking on the "Sign in" button at top right of the home page, and the the "Create Account" button. Once approved, you will be able to purchase all products on this website.

If you do not have an approved account, we have a list of "brick and mortar" suppliers in the "Where to buy F10" tab, and you will also find it at many more vet clinics and pet stores. In addition, F10 products are sold on a wide variety of online websites, simply Google "F10SC" and take your pick.

Should you experience any difficulty in getting hold of our products, please get in touch with us by phone or email and we'll do our best to help you out!

While the F10 actives themselves are safe, the propellant in the aerosol tins is a mix of butane and ethanol and this is not safe to inhale. Hence animals (and humans) should be out of the room when the F10 Aerosol Fogger is evacuated.

Yes, it certainly does. We have independent, accredited laboratory testing for F10SC and parvo, at 1:125 with 30mins contact time required, or at 1:100 with a reduced contact time of 15mins.

F10SC is safe to use with animals present, contact on wet F10 surfaces, or from fogging with F10SC will not cause any issues at correct dilutions. Animals should not be exposed to neat F10 as this can cause skin and eye irritation.

​Care should be taken with amphibians (frogs and toads) and fish though - these should not be exposed to normal dilutions of F10SC. Treatment of aquariums and terrariums is fine, but best rinsed out properly with water prior to restocking.

Please note that F10SC Veterinary Disinfectant is not approved for direct animal treatment in Australia.

No that's not correct, there is no such mythical product as "half price F10SC". Although some products may share the same active ingredients as F10SC, none of these are identical in overall formulation, and all work somewhat differently. This is normally fairly easy to notice by simply looking at the dilutions needed to kill specific pathogens, and contact times needed to do so. Other "similar" products with lower pack prices require that a lot more concentrate is used, and this pushes the actual usage cost up significantly if used correctly. Once correct dilution factors are taken into account, we believe you'll find that F10SC is the most cost effective, safe and efficient disinfectant on the market. For thousands of our customers, F10SC remains the original and the best! 

You can view MSDS’s by creating an account and viewing the registered members section, or alternatively please contact us on info@chemicalessentials.com.au and we will be more than happy to email them to you.