About Us

Welcome to Chemical Essentials (Pty) Ltd

Newsflash - with the discovery of Avian influenza at 2 separate poultry sites in Victoria, the industry will be on high alert and hoping to prevent further spread of this devastating disease. F10SC Veterinary Disinfectant is among the few products that are approved for use on the Dept Agriculture's APVMA permit (PER89609.PDF (apvma.gov.au)) and may be used in the event of such an outbreak. F10SC is effective against Avian Influenza at 1:500 with a 10mins contact time.

Who are we?

Chemical Essentials (Pty) Ltd is a Melbourne based company that provides cleaning and disinfection products and solutions to a wide variety of industries throughout Australia, as well as specific markets in New Zealand and other pacific nations. We are the exclusive importer of the internationally acclaimed F10SC Disinfectant and its related range of advanced cleaning, personal hygiene and animal skin care products. We also offer a range of top quality biosecurity related equipment including automatic chemical blending systems, which prevent product wastage and control costs, fogging machines for air space disinfection, disinfection mats, and electronic hands free soap dispensers. 

Over 20 years since we opened our doors in Australia in 2001, and we have experienced substantial growth over this time, and now work with distribution partners in specific markets and service a multitude of customers over the length and breadth of Australia and its neighbouring countries. Despite a number of "copycat" products emerging over the last 15 years, F10SC remains the market leader in veterinary and animal related industries in 2021 as it's benefits simply can't be matched, and there are thousands of happy users in Australia who will attest to this.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple – efficacy and safety, along with a healthy dose of personal attention! We focus on finding the best products available for the industries we service, and drive our sales through the inherent benefits of these products and our ability to devise solutions to our customers problem areas.

For instance, F10SC Disinfectant’s unique combination of efficacy and safety in the animal production market enables us to provide innovative and cost-effective disease control solutions without compromising workplace safety. A good example of this would be the control of Aspergillis in a large poultry hatchery via dosing of the humidification system water. See our PDF for further details.

We strive to be an environmentally responsible company, ensuring we reuse packaging material wherever possible, and free-cycling old pallets, etc to people and organisations that want them. These toy cars for disadvantaged kids, made by a local Men's Shed, used to be F10 pallets!

We supply a wide variety of market sectors in Australasia, so please contact us if you are interested in finding our how F10 products can benefit your specific industry.

NB: Please note that we only sell F10 products to registered businesses, not directly to the public. If you wish to purchase F10 for private use there are numerous online resellers available, or you can find a bricks and mortar vet or pet reseller on our "Where to buy F10" pages.

Our Services

Due to our experience in a wide variety of often totally different industries, we can offer our customers the following services:

  • Professional advice for most types of cleaning and disinfection, biosecurity and disease control.
  • Specific HACCP-based cleaning and disinfecting guidelines, which are provided at no cost to both existing and new customers. These often form an integral part of the customer's Quality Assurance documentation.
  • Staff training and assistance in working with our products.
  • Sourcing of specialized cleaning/disinfection related equipment where required.
  • Rapid and reliable order fulfillment.

Key Points

  • Chemical Essentials specializes in the areas of disinfection, hygiene and biosecurity.
  • Our core product, F10SC, is the ideal disinfectant as it's unique formulation is both highly effective across a broad spectrum of pathogens, and safe for humans and animals alike.
  • F10SC is the market leader in veterinary and related industries in Australia.
  • Our F10 range of soap and scrub, and waterless sanitizers in gel, rub and foam presentations, provide microcidal and non-irritant hand care for staff, while our F10 germicidal ointment and treatment shampoo provide excellent outcomes for bacterial and fungal skin conditions in animals.